F I N E A R T P A I N T I N G S of
F I N E  A R T  P A I N T I N G S  of   

All giclee prints are on acid free 300 lb D'Arches paper and only with archival inks.
Limited edition runs, very small, on canvas of certain pieces only

  • Shipping UPS standard, Priority Mail, insurance, certified, registered, or FedEx costs responsibility of buyer.

All prints will retain a minimum of 2 inches of clear boarder outside of
image area. Image area is determined by art, left to right and art, top to
bottom of print caption. All prints are captioned with title and subtitle,
and hand signed in lower right corner. Some issues are "Remarqued" in
this area as well which means in addition to signature a small original pencil sketch preceeds it, adding additional value to the print. Most prints are of a limited edition, from 30 to 100 for this series. Once complete, edition is gone, no more shall be printed in that size. Re-issues may be made only in smaller sizes than the first edition, thus retaining the value. All prints are individually inspected and approved by the artist before signature. A "Letter of Provenance" is issued for each print collected. This document can satisfy origination, ownership, and authenticity. Each document is signed and sealed by the artist.

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