F I N E A R T P A I N T I N G S of
F I N E  A R T  P A I N T I N G S  of   
Warmth In Site- 9 x 12 oil on panel
The Lamplighter 8 x 10 oil on panel
The Painter and The Buyer- 8 x 12 oil on panel
Mary's Island, Massapequa (At Summers End) 20 x 36 oil on linen
Haze Past The Pines- 8 x 12 oil on panel
Cold Spring Harbor- 10 x 15.75 oil on panel
Lake Birches- 5 x 7 oil on canvas panel
Midday At Stone Cottage- 7 x 7 oil on mounted linen
Old Way To Gilgo 7.5 x 12 oil on canvas panel
The Rum Runners of Montauk- 22 x 34 oil on linen
The Leeward Isle 20 x 30 oil on linen
Afternoon Light At The Otesaga (Cooperstown,NY) 18 x 24 oil on panel
Early Snow 8 x 10 oil on panel
Hidden Falls- 24 x 30 oil on panel
Moonlight- 5 x 8 oil on masonite
A Spring Day - 8 x 10 oil on linen panel
Amityville Creek 1930 - 7 x10 oil on panel
Running The Inlet 30 x 40 oil on canvas
Passing Daybreak 12 x 18 oil on linen
Spring On The River (Katie's View)- 5 x 7 oil on panel
The Patriot Scout- 14 x 20 oil on linen
Leading The Good Life -24 x 40 oil on linen
Arriving At Clam Cove, Penobscot Bay 5 x 9 oil on panel
Holiday Run= 8 x 10 oil on canvas panel
Central Park South 18 x 24 oil on linen
The Bridge at Central Park 12 x 16 oil on panel
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