F I N E A R T P A I N T I N G S of
F I N E  A R T  P A I N T I N G S  of   


Island Horizon- 24 x 30 oil on linen
The Bounty 18 x 38 oil on canvas (see "Spotlight")
Christmas Eve Arrival 12 x 16 oil on panel
Titan's Rock 11 x 14 oil on linen
First On Line 10.7/8 x 12 oil on wood panel
Above The Village Brigadoon - 22 x 28 oil on linen
The Dock Builders 8 x 10 oil on masonite
The Keys Retreat 7 x 10 oil on panel
Harbour Lights 19x35 oil on linen
The Way To Gilgo 24x36 oil on canvas
The 4th of July 24x36 oil on linen
Montauk Light 10 x 16 oil on linen plein air
Cruisin' 20x38 oil on canvas
Cut's Last Mark- Amityville, NY 7 x 10 oil on board- Plein Air
The Clearing oil on linen
Island Trees 8 x 10 oil on canvas board/maple
Crossing Over 9 x 16 oil on linen
U.C.Y.C. 9x12 oil on linen
Kayaker 16x16.75 oil on maple
American Sands 18x42 oil on canvas
American Sands DETAIL
The Blue Moon 20x24 oil on linen
The Warrior's House 15x21 oil on maple
The Explorer 18x32 oil on linen
The River Yacht Service 20x24 oil on linen
Riverside 9x12 oil on canvas/maple
East of Hemlock Cove 8x10 oil on maple
Winter At Oak Island 16x20 oil on linen
South Of Cornwall 4 x 6 oil on panel
Tobay '61 The Bay Side 16 x 16 oil on canvas
Leaving The Heading 14x35 oil on canvas
At Rivers' End 13x21 oil on canvas
The Heading 8x10 oil on maple
The Amityville Cut 14x40 oil on canvas
The Amityville River 1915 13x28 oil on canvas
End of Day 22x28 oil on canvas
Shooting The West - 18 x 30 oil on linen (See "Spotlight")
Carolina Calm oil on canvas 2007
Flag 10x12 oil on linen/maple
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