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"I live a stones throw from the water of The Great South Bay. The bay itself runs the southern coast of central Long Island to western Suffolk County with the barrier islands its only source of protection from the wide open sea.
As an islander and boater my whole life, the bay has always been the source of play, work, and peace of mind. A delicate environment always changing, always giving up something new to see, a true natural resource. It is with great pleasure I study and paint what has been given to us."

Born in Amityville, raised in Massapequa, NY. 1956
Attended Roger Williams College, Bristol RI received BA 1978
Attended The School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY studying realism painting
Began work at The National Broadcasting Company, 30 Rock in 1979 as a designer
where he still works today. Started in the Scenic and Graphic Design department, working in a staff of 10 with many freelance artists, pros from the theater to Ad
agencies each with their own technical skills, styles, and tools, an all arts feeding ground. A six-time Emmy Award Winner at NBC, Doug has participated in a wide range of creative teams in entertainment and sports. As a graphic designer for Saturday Night Live from the early 80's to today, to many sporting events and venues, MLB, NFL, AFL, NBA, NHL, tennis, Nascar and The Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Doug's father John "Jack" was very much the professional in his field as lead designer for Grumman Aircraft's Art Dept in Bethpage, NY in the 50's and 60's. As a commercial designer and illustrator in his early years, he followed the wave of
abstract painting to Long Island, giving his family the opportunity to grow at the waters edge. Never the lack of drafting supplies and oil paints of his father's, Doug's interests took an early hold. He worked as a teenager on the Great South Bay as a dock master with early morning rises to lay the traps in the marshes, still as he claims "the best job I ever had". The love of the Arts and the sea have always faired well together. Always having the bay at hands reach on Long Island as well as the barrier islands to the Atlantic, and those summer days that just never ended. Doug resumed painting again in the later parts of his career, using traditional methods in preparation and application in the process. "Understanding the medium and its characteristics is a never ending learning process, technically and artistically. How the color, value and light represents the image is essential with composition, drama, and most importantly, the desire and discipline to convey that view."

Doug constantly is turning to the water for true inspiration, with runs to the shore with endless coastal settings. He has studied Plein Air and composition with acclaimed landscape painter Joseph McGurl at his studio in Cataumet, Massachusetts, applying the field techniques to the studio work, relying on one's eye and the understanding of nature's purposeful way. Doug's original work is represented in galleries of Connecticut, Maine, and New York and his print work is international.


Designated "Associate Living Master" by The Art Renewal Center


* Elected Fellow Member- by The American Artist Professional League 


* First Prize- American Artists Professional League -2017 Members Show- Seascape


* Finalist- 2016: The 12th International ARC Salon - Art Renewal Center


* First Prize- American Artists Professional League -2016 Members Show- Cityscape

Audubon Artist Award- American Artists Professional League

  87th Grand National Exhibition, NYC

* First Prize- Laumeister Fine Art Competition 2015 -

  The Bennington Center for the Arts, VT

* First Prize- The Nautical Show 2015 - The Salmagundi Club, NYC

* Finalist- 2015 International ARC Salon  (2 Paintings)- Art Renewal Center

* 6 time Emmy Award winning designer

* 7 time Promax (promotion & design) Gold Medallion winner

* 5 time BDA (Broadcast Designer Association) International silver & bronze award

* 2008 Cover Artist of The Year- "Dan's Paper's" (The Hamptons & NYC, NY)

* The Salmagundi Club, NYC- Elected Artist Member



2019- Lyme Art Association, CT - "Hudson Valley Art Association 86th Annual Juried Exhibition"


2019- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Member's Annual Exhibition"


2019- Settler's West Gallery, Tucson, AZ.- "American Minatures Show"


2018- American Artists Professional League- "90th Grand National Exhibition"


2018- MFA Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD.- "The American Landscape"


2018- Settler's West Gallery, Tucson, AZ.- "American Minatures Show"


2017- American Artist Professional League- "89th Grand National Exhibition" 


2017- Allied Artist of America- 104th Annual Exhibiton, - Salmagundi Club, NYC


2017- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Landscape and Interiors Exhibition"


2017- Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA. - The National Maritime Show "At Sea"  Exhibition


2017- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Sylvia Glesmann Floral Exhibition"


2017- Settler's West Gallery, Tucson, AZ.- "American Minatures Show"


2016- Solo Exhibition- KaiserArt Gallery, Molloy College, NY- "My Long Island"


2016- American Artist Professional League- "88th Grand National Exhibition" , Salmagundi Club, NYC

2016- Art Renewal Center- "Finalist- 2015-2016: 12th ARC- International Salon"

2016- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Member's Nautical Exhibition"

2016- Cooperstown Art Association, NY - "81st National Exhibition"

2016- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Member's Landscape Exhibition"

2015- American Artist Professional League- "87th Grand National Exhibition" ,

           Salmagundi Club, NYC

2015- The Bennington, Center for the Arts, VT- "Laumeister Fine Art Competition"

2015- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- "A Gathering of Marine Masters 2015"

2015- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - "Member's Nautical Exhibition"

2015- Art Renewal Center- "Finalist- 2014-2015 ARC- International Salon"

2015- Art League of Long Island, NY- " 57th Exhibition of Long Island Artists"

2014- Solo Exhibitions "Visions; Land & Sea"-
           The Gallery At Firehouse Square, New London, CT
           Lauder Museum, Amityville, NY

2014- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- "A Gathering of Marine Masters 2014"

2014- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - Juried Open Exhibition

2014- Hutchins Gallery, LIU Post, NY- " Endless Summer, Visions of Long Island"

2014- American Artist Professional League- "86th Grand National Exhibition" ,

           Salmagundi Club, NYC

2013- Greenhouse Gallery, TX- " Salon International 2013"

2013- Art League of Long Island, NY- " 56th Exhibition of Long Island Artists"

2013- Salmagundi Club, NYC - "SCNY Collectors' & Artists Exhibition"

2013- Coos Art Museum, OR, - "The 20th Maritime Art Exhibit"

2013- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- "A Gathering of Marine Masters 2013"

2013- American Artist Professional League- "85th Grand National Exhibition"  


2013- The Bennington, Center for the Arts, VT- "Laumeister Fine Art Competition"

2012- Coos Art Museum, OR, - "The 19th Maritime Art Exhibit"

2012- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- " A Gathering of Marine Masters in Miniature"

2012- American Artist Professional League- " 84th Grand National Exhibition"

2011- Salmagundi Club, NYC, - Juried Open Exhibition

2011- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- "The Masters Exhibition"

2011- Southampton, NY- "Dan's Papers: Cover Artist Show"

2010- American Society of Marine Artists, East Regional Show -
           "Blue Water, Still Water"
            Biggs Museum of American Art, DE -
            Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, MD -
            Buffalo Naval Park Museum, NY -

2010- Salmagundi Club, NYC - Juried Open Exhibition

2010- Solo ExhibitionDarien Library, CT- "The Sea, The Coast, The Classic Novel"

2010- Southampton, NY- "Dan's Papers: 50 Years, 50 Artists"

2010- Westport River Gallery, CT- "The Holiday Show"

2009- Westport River Gallery, CT- Group Show- "Current Works"

2009- Art of the Sea Galleries, ME- "Waterways , A Gathering of Marine Masters"

2009- Westport River Gallery, CT- "The Holiday Show"

2008- Long Island Museum, NY- "Summer On Long Island"

2008- Solo ExhibitionLauder Museum, NY- "The Coast"

2008- Solo Exhibition-Allison Corey Fine Arts Gallery, NY,  "Coastal Visions"

2007- Solo Exhibition- Lauder Museum, NY- "Views of the Great South Bay"

(for original work)


*Bayview Gallery, Brunswick, ME  


*Sheldon Fine Art Galleries, Newport, RI


*Edgartown Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA

*Doug Zider, Amityville, NY

Elected Artist Member of:

*The Salmagundi Club, NYC


Elected Fellow Member of:

*American Artists Professional League, NYC


Designated Associate Living Master of:


*The Art Renewal Center, NJ

Supporter of

* The Great South Bay Society

* Wounded Warriors Project

17 ft Bristol Skiff at rest on The Great South Bay
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