F I N E A R T P A I N T I N G S of
F I N E  A R T  P A I N T I N G S  of   

Plein Air Painting

Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard
North of The Tobay Basin, The Great South Bay, NY

In The Studio

The Waters Of Grace - (2012)

Preparation was begun with stretching fine grade linen to 22 x 38 size, gesso primed and a loose undercoating of crimson with raw umber and flake white as a wash. The composition is primarily laid out, front first with rocks and water flow, followed be an "undecided" background, showing a horizon line first. Using a large filbert brush, the penciled blocks are filled in and from the early stages of the piece, trying to formulate values, direction of light, and in general terms, the "feel" of the work. I wanted the old world feel to her colors and subject matter however, wished to keep the human involvement limited but there in the scene.
After several days of settling time, the piece is evolving again, mountain range is placed, still keeping the brush work loose. Gamblin Gaklyd Lite is used a a medium for better flow of the paint, mixing in a few drops of Linseed oil to hit that right settling point for the paint, keeping it still manageable. Time is of issue with most every piece so decisions are made and hopefully stuck to concerning the smaller details of the composition. One is influenced by what they see and tries to incorporate that into their work, such as the woody wagon by the left shelter in the final piece, a matchbox car of my son's which will somewhat date the image and added a needed visual addition other than the falls themselves.
The final piece is set in about a 3 week stretch. Titling the piece is almost as fun as the work itself, wanting to give her a name that shared its old nobility and nature's awe inspiring way.
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